ASHIMA Front Disc Brake Adapter, PM-PM-203 mm


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Ashima Front Disc Brake Adapter, PM-PMWhen you are resizing Post Mount (PM) discs, Ashima have the full range of adapters. These strong adapters should do the job, whatever you need. The Ashima range of adaptors are designed to allow fitment to most major brand OEM and aftermarket systems ,they are also suitable for both hydraulic and mechanical brakes.When selecting the correct adapter to accommodate an increase in disc size extra care should be taken to ensure the correct size is used. Ashima stated disk compatibility assume OEM front 160mm and rear 140mm disks. However in recent years, some OEMs fit oversized disks to font and/or rear, in such cases the brake calliper will have an adapter fitted. If this is the case, the OEM adapter will either need to be removed (Ashima recommends this) or you should select an adapter for the next standard disc size below your requirement.Example: If you have a PM brake calliper, PM forks and wish to up-grade the front disk form 160 to 203 and the rear form 140 to 180 you will require the following adapters:Front AU32 and Rear AU04.


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