Audi A6 C6 4F Front Suspension Air Spring (Bag)


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With the purchase of an Audi A6 of the C6 series (internal designation 4F), which is the successor of the legendary Audi A6 C5, you have consciously opted for a vehicle of the upper class, which is closer than expected to the top-class driving experience.
Your AUDI A6 C6 Allroad Quattro has a level control that can be adjusted in four modes: Lift, Automatic, Comfort and Dynamic. In Automatic mode, the level control regulates an ideal compromise between sportiness and comfort. When driving slowly, a Lift mode is available, which is useful on the off-road track. In the other two modes, either comfort or sportiness will stand out more clearly. At higher speeds, in order to reduce air resistance and ensure more driving stability, the level is automatically lowered again. All these suspension modes are fully supported by our air spring with proven Aerosus quality.
Our original Aerosus air spring is brand new and fits on both sides (left and right) of the front axle of your Audi A6 C6 4F built between 2004 and 2011, as well as on all available variants of the vehicle — the sedan, the estate(Avant), the sports version (S6) and the Allroad Quattro (all-wheel-drive off-road version).
The level control of your Audi A6 C6 electronically controls the height of your vehicle when loaded or cornering in order to provide a first-class driving experience and to keep the vehicle constantly at the same height. In sporty driving, sensors send signals to the level control and the suspension settings automatically become harder. Among other things, this is due to the AAS (Adaptive Air Suspension) air suspension, which can keep the vehicle at the same level even on bends with high roll or heavy load. Of course, you can also choose between sport and comfort manually.
The air springs for the front axle, produced exclusively for Aerosus, match the quality of the OEM parts. Only the highest quality materials are used for their production. The original Aerosus air spring for your Audi A6 C6 has been tested prior to its market release in detail and on a regular basis afterwards, as per the quality standard set by our team in Germany.
Air springs, such as many other vehicle parts, have to be replaced at times. Like most artificial materials, rubber is also subject to aging, which is accelerated by external influences such as direct sunlight, ozone, heat from the proximity of the engine or exhaust, cleaning agents and lubricants. The outer surface of the air spring becomes hard and brittle, which inevitably leads to leaks. A defective air spring on the front axle becomes noticeable if your vehicle stays crooked on the front axle after being parked for a while or if the compressor runs more often than usual to compensate for the pressure loss.
The air spring and the shock absorber of the Audi A6 C6 4F form a structural unit, the air-suspension strut. If only the air spring on the air strut is defective or leaking, you can purchase it from us as a standalone item. You don’t have to purchase the whole air-suspension strut from us, unlike if you get it from Audi. This saves you high workshop costs and, of course, money. In addition, we provide a two-year warranty, which helps you feel safe and secure about your purchase with us.
Due to the synchronous wear of the air springs on one axle, it often happens that a defect occurs in parallel on both front air springs within a short time.
Failure to replace these defective air springs immediately may result in sustained stress and premature failure of the compressor. In such case, the replacement of the compressor becomes necessary.
In order to offer you another benefit, you’ll save 10% on every pair purchase.
In addition, you are still protected by our two-year warranty, which we grant to all parts of our product line.


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