BMW X5 E53 Left Front Suspension Air Spring (Bag)


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Aerosus air springs replace the original air springs of your vehicle and offer you maximum ride comfort with high durability. Security, accuracy and quality of the product match the original part.
This brand new Aerosus front left air spring fits BMW X5 E53 vehicles.
Our air springs are an economical solution to repair your air suspension strut and are designed to ensure easy replacement without special mounting tools. If your shock absorbers are still in good condition, replacing only the air springs is a more budget-friendly option of fixing your air supension struts.
Each air spring comes with an airline fitting and mounting hardware.
Aerosus air springs are made of high-quality elastomer materials and covered by a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. The rings on the air springs are crimped using a special technology for dependable operation and leak-free performance.
Our suspension air bags keep your vehicle level, even when carrying an uneven load. This means more effective handling and braking even in tough road and heavily loaded conditions.
Aerosus air springs are known for their superior dynamic properties as well as their long life and reliable durability.
Maximum ride comfort
Airline Fitting
Mounting Hardware
Security and durability
Safe load carrying capacity and stability
High-quality raw materials
Easy installation without special mounting tool
Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide


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