Carrots Colourful Mix (10 Plants) Organic


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Delivery From Late April Onwardsthe Colourful Carrot Mix Has Purple, Orange And Yellow Carrots Giving You A Lovely Mixture Of Colours To Brighten Up Any Dish Or Salad. 10 Organic Carrot Plants – Mixed Colourspurple, Orange And Yellow Carrotscolourful Addition To Any Dishgrown Pesticide Freeallow Up To 3 Weeks For Deliverygrowing Advicechoose A Site That Is Stone Free So That They Can Develop Their Carrot Shape. The Plants Are Fairly Versatile But Grow Best In Very Light, Deep Soils And Not So Well In Heavy Or Sticky Clay Soils. If You Dont Have The Right Type Of Soil You Can Do One Of The Following:create A Trench About 20cm Deep And 20cm Wide And Fill With A Mixture Of Good Quality Compost And Sand. use A Reasonably Deep Planter (20cm) Containing A Light Sandy Compost Mix. Level The Top Of Teh Soil Carefully. the Carrots Can Be Grown In Raised Beds, Planters Or Large Containers. Allow 8cm Gap Between Plants.the Carrots Will Arrive In Biodegradable Pots – If There Is More Than One Plant Growing In The Pot Remove The Smallest Of The Plants Leaving The Largest In The Pot. Carefully Peel Off The Base Of The Biodegradable Pot Before Planting. Remember To Weed Regulalry For A Better Crop. protect The Plants From Carrot Fly With A Barrier Of Fleece Or Insect Mesh Up To 50cm High Or Try Our Purpose Built Carrot Fly Screen.


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