Mercedes-Benz ML W164 Rear Suspension Air Spring (Left or Right)


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The ML W164 is a premium SUV by Mercedes-Benz. In order to meet our customers’ high expectations, the manufacturer fitted the vehicle, which was produced between 2005 and 2011, with a 4Matic all-wheel drive as a standard feature. In addition, there is an optional air suspension, which significantly increases ride comfort. However, the air springs are parts which are subject to wear, so occasionally they must be replaced. Aerosus offers high-quality air springs, which are suitable for your car’s rear axle and are supplied directly with a corresponding repair kit, which consists of the compressed air connection, a rubber disc and our retaining clip.
Optimal Driving Characteristics due to the Air Suspension of the Mercedes-Benz ML W164
If you use air suspension, you can adjust the driving characteristics of your car. Simply set the desired level and it’s always kept stable — regardless of the load weight. Therefore, the ML W164 by Mercedes-Benz offers particularly high ride comfort thanks to this additional feature. The high-quality air springs from Aerosus help you to maintain this permanently.
High-Quality Replacement Components for ML W164 by Aerosus
Highest quality standards and the use of robust components mean that the air springs by Aerosus adapt perfectly to all road conditions. In addition, a specially developed rubber compound is used, which is suitable for temperatures between -40°C and +70°C. This allows us to export our air springs to 140 countries, each with its own range of climate conditions. You can use these products for the right and left ends of the rear axle. Mercedes-Benz offers the W164 series with ADS Airmatic as an optional feature. The air springs by Aerosus are suitable for models with or without ADS.
Early Replacement of the Suspension Is Important
When the air spring is no longer tight, the air compressor has to re-pump air more often so as to maintain pressure. However, this can lead to an overload and therefore to a malfunction of the compressor. Hence, an early change of the air spring is very important. For example, a leak can be detected based on the fact the compressor starts very frequently whilst driving. Or, if you notice a slight imbalance in the car in the morning, this is a sign that an air spring is leaking. This is a natural ageing process. The rubber becomes porous over time, thereby losing its air-tightness. Since these components are exposed to the weather and other environmental influences and are also near the heat of the exhaust, they’re subject to high stress.
Advantages of the Replacement of a Pair of Air Springs
Replacing the air springs isn’t a big hassle. An experienced mechanic will complete this task within half an hour. Since Aerosus air springs are always delivered with a complete repair kit — consisting of compressed air connection, rubber disc and retaining clip — the change runs smoothly. Due to the synchronous wear, it’s advisable to replace the air springs on both sides at the same time. This reduces the effort and usually saves repair costs. In addition, if you buy a pair of air springs, you will benefit from a 10% discount by Aerosus.
Quality and Service: Buy Air Springs from Aerosus
Since we are convinced of the quality of our products, we offer you a two-year warranty on our complete product range. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a very fast delivery. See for yourself that Aerosus offers not only products of high quality but also an outstanding service.


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