Multifunctional Wireless Color Weather Station Clock Thermometer Hygrometer Barometer


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features color LCD screen to display weather forecast, outdoor/indoor temperature humidity, time, calendar, tendency temperature, alarms, is a versatile and necessary tool for you to monitor indoor and outdoor weather. Before you go outside, you can check the weather much more easily!
Wireless Sensor Transmission: the weather station receives signal from external sensor, 30m transmission distance in open space.
Color Display: premium LCD panel displays weather forecast, outdoor/indoor temperature humidity, time, calendar, trend of temperature, channel external sensor and alarms.
5 Kinds of Weather Forecast: sunny, semi-sunny, cloudy, rainy and stormy. The digital barometer automatically detects the atmospheric pressure changes accordingly to display the symbols.
Outdoor/Indoor Temperature Humidity: 0C~50C indoor temperature range, -40C~70C outdoor temperature range, C/F unit switchable; 20%~90% relative humidity range, and outdoor tendency temperature.
Calendar Time: time zone adjustable, the calendar shows month and date; 4 digits time display, 2H/24H mode switchable.
Double Alarms Snooze Function: double alarms setting, the snooze function is manually adjustable.
6 Buttons: Snooze/Light button, ALARM button, MEM button, SET button, UP button, DOWN button.
3 Channels for RF: set the selector to the desired transmission channel(1,2 or 3). Automatic weather station data to be transmitted.
Minimum/Maximum Values of the Day: it can show the maximum/minimum value of temperature/humidity recorded during the day.
Atmospheric Pressure: press and hold MEM button, in the CALENDAR box will be displayed the current pressure value hPa.
Easy Installation: the weather station has 2 pedestals and 2 keyholes on the rear, you place it on table or hang it up.
1. Place the weather station away from equipment that generates magnetic fields such mobile phones, television, etc.
2. This weather station is arranged to communicate with three external sensors. one of these comes with the unit, the remaining two are optional(not included).


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