Spidi Neck DPS, airbag vest


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The vest The airbag vest to wear over your usual bike equipment. Quick to wear and extremely light, this makes for the perfect complement to every motorcyclists needs. DPS Vest is easy to use even over racing suits thanks to its back zipper to adjust volumes to racing humps. Groin straps and several Velcro adjusts guarantee great fitting no matter what kind of bikers clothing is worn under it. Features High visibility reflex areas Punched mesh High resistance Tenax Tactel polyamide Integrated adjustment system Adjustable waist fastening Clip stop for casual pants attach Inner back protector optional DPS Neck Airbag Removable Chest protectorThe Neck DPS Airbag system SPIDI evolves the DPS system by making it more usable, light and efficient. A double cushion will wrap around the user’s neck area thus increasing the level of safety for such a sensible area in case of crash. The system will work along the helmet to reduce potentially damaging neck movements all while also increasing the tendency to roll on the ground and thus limiting potentially dangerous leverage situations against the terrain’s surface. In this NECK DPS version, the T2 Wind Pro is equipped with this safety oriented system, making it a real top of the range leather for all the most racing minded riders. Features Activation speed – Inflation in 0.2 seconds. Weight reduction – now the whole system weighs only 480gr After Inflation – The system is removable and rechargeable after use Activation – The trigger comes with new generation YKK buckles mounted on Kevlar® wires able to resist a 200kg pull. Weight: 1,40 KgShipping info airfreight Due to the safety regulations in the airfreight, we have to remove the gas cartridge of this article for shipping outside the European Union. Upon receipt of the product, you can use any commercially available 60cc or 100cc gas cartridge to restore the function of the airbag.


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